Men’s Basic Options Short Sleeve Knit Pull Over Batik Shirt #61868-3, Blue Bamboo (SOLD OUT!)


Basic Options® Men’s Short Sleeve Batik Knit Pull Over Shirt, Blue. Batik fabric is created using a manual, labor-intensive technique of wax-resist dyeing. Batik fabric has been used in clothing for decades, and the results are spectacular! You can find batiks unique colors, patterns, solids, and watercolor effects quite flattering. Since batik fabrics are unique, each shirt is one-of-a-kind!



  • Basic Options® Short Sleeve Batik Knit Shirt
  • Hard Collar
  • Generous Cut, Traditional Fit!
  • Four Button Placket Front
  • Machine washable
  • 100% Prewashed Cotton
  • Size: SOLD OUT!
  • Impot

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